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All coaches must achieve “trained” status in the appropriate level by Dec 15th of the hockey season.  If you are in a more remote community, you can take the next available clinic in your community.

Below lists what level of coach training that is required based on age groups.

The Hockey Canada Safety Person Training (HCSP level 1) is mandatory for one person on each bench.  Respect in Sport (RIS) is recommended for all coaches.  HCSP and RIS are available through an online course on

CLINIC CONTENT AND PROCESS click on appropriate clinic level

Coach Level 1 & 2 

Development 1

High Performance 1


Once a coach takes a completes the face to face clinic and any online portions, then they will be considered "trained" by Hockey Canada Standards.

To be "certified", there will be post clinic tasks outlined by your clinic instructor that you have to complete by a certain date. Upon completion to HC's standards, you will be considered "certified".

In order to maintain your certified status, you must earn points during the five year period.  You do this by taking extra education such as the NCMP (National Coach Mentorship Program) clinics, as well as other Hockey Canada approved tasks. 
To read the latest approved options to obtain points click on this link:
4_NCCP Certification Maintenance_2018 EN.pdf

Common Questions and Answers:
Q.  Where can the Locker be found and how to people create a Locker Profile?
A.  Go to the following link on the Coaching Association website:

Q.  Why do coaches needs to access their Locker profile?
A. The HCR simply tracks a coaches participation in a Hockey event as well as their final status, Trained or Certified.  The Locker tracks all requirements that a coach needs for certification and allows the coach to see what remaining elements need to be completed for certification.

Q.  How long does my "Trained" status last?
A.  The trained status does not expire however, Hockey North may require further coaching education.  

Q.  How long does the "Certified" status last?
A.  The certified status lasts for five years from your date of certification. 

Q. If I have taken a coaching clinic before June 30th, 2014, what do I have to do to become certified?
A. Refer to  Clinic Content and Process above and click on the link that applies to your level.







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