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DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE·   If you have registered for a clinic before or know your NCCP number, please use the existing records. By registering under a different name, you create duplicate accounts which can create problems down the road when you want to access or verify your credentials.

Example:  First time you register, you register with J. Doe
The second time you register, you register with John Doe.

This creates a double profile which will be problematic.  Use your birthdate to search for your first profile and continue to use that.

·         If you are a first time registrant into the system, please ensure all data is entered – especially your correct birthdate and full first and last name. This is how you will be tracked and managed in the system.

·         When a clinic costs money, you can approach your home association first to see if they will be offering compensation.

Hockey Canada Safety Program
Hockey Canada has developed an extensive Risk Management Program aimed at minimizing the risks to its members. In addition to the health insurance provided there are programs to educate players and parents about harassment and bullying, safety issues related to facility maintenance and proper recovery from injuries to list just a few.  For a full listing of available safety documents from Hockey Canada, visit this link:  Safety

Respect in Sport for Coaches
The Respect in Sport (Speak Out) Program is the program you need to train your organizations' youth leaders to recognize, understand and respond to issues of Abuse, Bullying and Harassment. It may be the single most important training your leaders can receive to create a safe, healthy, and positive environment for our children and youth! Learn more...

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Respect In Sport for Parents  
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Hockey Canada Safety Person 
People interested in being more involved with their team can attend a Safety Trainer Seminar. Hockey Canada has recommended that all minor, junior and senior hockey teams have at least one person trained in this program. This is a position that relates to risk management issues faced by teams and players throughout their season both on and off of the ice. Read below and then click on the appropriate links for the RIS and Safety Person Course.

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MAKING HEADWAY - Concussion Course
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