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Hockey North is the Hockey Canada Branch responsible for registering and governing all amateur hockey programs in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Territory. We are one of 13 member branches, that represent Hockey Canada programs in the country.

Click the picture below to watch Hockey Canada's video Helping Hockey Happen in the Canadian Arctic a piece documenting their recent trip to Kugluktuk, Nunavut.  Thank you to the Pier-Alexandre and the Hockey Canada Foundation for your continued support.


Congratulations to all of the athletes, coaches and officials that participated at the 2016 Arctic Winter Games in Iqaluit, NU last week.  You all were tremendous ambassadors for the sport of hockey.   Additional Congratulations to the two teams from the Northwest Territories for their gold Ulu in the Junior Female category and Silver Ulu in the Bantam Male.  

Meet the teams: 

Junior Female: 
Team NWT - Gold

#1 - Ayesha Barlas, #10 - Abby Webster, #12 - Cassidy Ring, #15 - Bryn Hill, #16 - Kiah Vail
#18 - Anna MacCara, #19 - Chantal Letemplier, #22 - Shannon Baetz, #27 Annie King, 
#28 Sarah Fleming, #30 Emily Paddock, #4 Darcie Setzer, #5 Lauren Eggenberger,
#6 Susie Chambers, #7 Davina McLeod, #77 Shakita Jensen, #87 Dakota Earle

Bench Staff: Head Coach - John Hill, Assistant - Kaylee Grant
Manager: Dave Earle

Team Nunavut

Back Row (L to R): #9 - Tapisa Tattuinee, #3 - Madison Ahle, #4 - Joy Angnetsiak, 
#5 - Amber Graham, #8 Teresa Qiatsuq, #7 - Monica Qattalik, #11 - Pauline Comeau, 

Middle Row: #6 Dodie Netser, #10 Ocean Machmer, #13 Maranda (Tiki) Kootoo,
#2 - Nicole Ymana, #15 - Kadin Copland, #16 - Addy Lindell, #12 - Tia Adams,

Goalies: #1 - Tash Sheaves, #30 - Riley Lachance, 

Bench Staff: Head Coach - Steve Patterson, Assistant - Shauna Beaton
Equipment - Ms. Zurheide

Bantam Male:
Team NWT - Silver

#10 - Cody Earl, #13 - Trey Beck, #14 - Matt Hayward, #15 - Zack Horton,
#16 - Kieran Kobaissi, #17 - Keelin Kobaissi, #19 Thomas Matesic, #2 - Justin Powder, 
#24 - Nathan Cluff, #27 - Ethan Anstey, #3 - Lonan Bulger, #30 - Paul-Michael St.-Cyr,
#31 - Liam Teroposky, #4 - Ben Carson, #6 - Logan Debogorski, #7 - Connor Flemming,
#8 - Austin Daniels

Bench Staff: Head Coach - Brad Anstey, Assistant - Rob Schaub

Team Nunavut

#13 Kevin Voisey, #17 - Kennedy Napayok, #19 Quintien Issaluk, #22Camile Lavallee, 
#23 Donovan Kopak, #3 - Lonnie Kolit-Carter, #31 - Felix Dubeau, #4 - Brad Sigurdson, 
#41 - Joshua Nattar, #5 - Chris Kringayark Jr., #6 - Max Joy, #66 - Josie Cote,
#7 - Brandon Tatty, #8 - Scott Sigurdson, #87 Stanley Adjuk Jr., #9 Gregory Atagoyuk,
#92 - Leo Kaludjak

Bench Staff: Head Coach - Ryan O'Connor, Assistant - Conor Fudge

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